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  1. Hello guys,

    I will add a multi language to my Plugins!

    I will create folder "languages" in the Plguin folder with files "en_EN.yml" "de_DE.yml" but i can use or get it?

    my source -> github
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  2. have a config setting that allows a person to change what language file they want to use.
  3. yes u can set in config language: en | de but i can get the file en or de?
  4. new File(your plugin folder + the language setting + ".yml");

    then load the file with YamlConfiguration.
  5. i know xd but i have 2 or more languages files.. so how get a de file or en file? :D
  6. new File(your plugin folder + languageSetting + ".yml");

    The language setting would depend on the value in the config.

    So, languageSetting is a String variable that would be whatever the value you get from the config.
  7. yes i have it done.

    but does it have to create the "Languages" folder and the .yml file itself or can I drag them as standard configs into the resources folder and they will be loaded automatically?

    For infos check my Code please! Github
  8. Then look at the documentation for saveResource()

    Check if the file exists. If it doesn't, create the necessary directories, and call saveResource.
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  9. Thanks!
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  10. Code (Java):
    FieUtils.copyInputStreamToFile(this.getResource("languages/file.yml"), new File("languages/anotherfile.yml"));
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