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  1. Hello!
    I would love to make some small mini-games inside the main hub so people can have some fun when a server is doing a restart or if they just want to play some small games. We currently have a hub - a factions - a skyblock and a survival. I would love to make it that all servers get a custom notification when a mini-game is starting so that they can join from any server they are in. After the mini-game is finished they will have the option to either stay in the mini-game and queueing for the next match or going back to where they where.

    Now my coding level is close to 0 so I was wondering if some of the awesome spigot members could help me out with this ;)

    Would it be possible to make something like this?
    Could it be with both a text and GUI menu option?
    And how much would this cost?

    Thanks in advance and I am looking forward to hearing from you guys! :)
    (PS sorry if this is in the wrong thread I didn't know exactly where it would fit.)
  2. Hello if you can do this
    This plugin allows you to create very customized menus

    regarding bungeecord alerts you could use something like this
    This can also be useful for redirecting players to different servers when a game ends
    good luck
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