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  1. How do I create two or more worlds in my server folder and teleport to another world?
  2. Can someone help me?
  3. For create one world you use the command: /mw create [Name] normal
    For teleport it you use the command: /mw goto [Name Of World]
  4. If i have built a pvp arena in a freebuild world and i want to transfer that folder to my server, what can i do?
  5. In your server folder there is a new folder witch name of thw world. Export it in your new server
  6. Use a plugin like Multiverse. Drag and drop the worlds you want into the server folder. Then run the command /mv import {world name} {ENV}. So you would you do /mv import {world name} Normal. If your {world name} has spaces put quotes around them.
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  7. Its a singer player map. If i put it in my server folder, what should i name it?
  8. You can name it how you like. You have to use that name with /mv import <name> then and when you want to port yourself to your new world (/world <name>). The only rule is, dont include SPACES!
  9. Do i have to download any plugin to do that?
  10. Ok thank you. Can i name it world_pvp and i do /mv import world_pvp and i teleport there with /world world_pvp?
  11. Yeah, thats it^^
  12. Thank you so much. Last question: If i set a warp in world_pvp and the coordinate is x:1000 y:50 z:2000, will it teleport to the original world coordinate or will it teleport to world_pvp coordinate?
  13. to the world_pvp coordinate^^
  14. I have set a warp to world_pvp before but why it still teleport to world? (I didnt do /mv import world_pvp yet, i just want to know why)
  15. Because the new world only exists when you imported it. He cant port you to a non existent location
  16. Ok thank you very much!
  17. I would suggest using a plugin like Multiverse. I used to use it and it worked very well..