1.12.2 Multi worlds inside a single one

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by Daniel_Felipe_R, Feb 12, 2020.

  1. Hello there people!

    I think this will probability sounds like crazy, but I need something that does a little bit of magic. I'm doing a project that will use the same map (world) for some sections of games, let's say we have a skywars map and I need it to support 2 or hundreds rounds at the same time.

    Can we do that properly?

    Att. Daniel.
  2. Just place arenas 500-1000 blocks apart?
  3. That's not what I'm searching for...
    I will use the same map and the same coordinates, but the entities will be separated by each of the rounds.
  4. FrostedSnowman

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    You can't achieve this, especially if you want to have the same coordinates for the block mappings of the map(s). You could, but you'd need heavy packet manipulation or modification of server internals to deal with block tracking and entity tracking for each game. tl;dr not worth it.

    Your best bet is to just spread out the arenas in a world, or make a couple worlds and have a handful of arenas per world. The former implementation is just not ideal for what you're trying to achieve.
  5. OK I'll try to go by the easy way