Spigot MultiClan 2.0 - LITE 2.0.7

Create a clan with your community! <3

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    MultiClan - Create a clan

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  2. There are so many communities plugins, but not as perfect, good luck...
  3. Thx :)
  4. Can you fix that, its HIGH timings consuming, look:
    MultiClan v1.6 Total: 0.337 s Pct: 1.91%
    Pct Total Pct Tick Total Avg PerTick Count Event

    1.91% 673.02% 0.34 s 336.51 ms 0.0 0.0k JoinEvent::join(PlayerJoinEvent)

    Also THE Quit Event does the same ms avg always!
  5. Wirklich super Clan Plugin!
  6. Danke sehr ^^ Wenn du magst, kannst du ja noch auf der Hauptseite paar Sterne geben ^^
    • %multiclan_clan_color%
    what does that give in return? How to use it with the name one?
  7. The name of your clan you get with: %multiclan_clan% . The color of clan is depent of the kills in kills.yml and is returned with %multiclan_clan_color%.

    You can use that with: %multiclan_clan_color%%multiclan_clan%
    The default value should looking for example so: test
  8. im trying to use this with deluxechat and i put the placeholders and they dont work?
  9. Hey, do you activate the placeholder in DeluxeChat?

    Edit: Can you contact me via skype, twitter etc? I can't test it for myself because the plugin cost sth.
  10. I did. Waiting for your reply
  11. MultiworldLP updated MultiClan 2.0 [MySQL, full configurable] - BETA with a new update entry:

    Teleport-Delay, Language Changes, New Language: Russian

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  12. I want to use this plugin to implement a BungeeCord Clan system for my minigame server like Hypixel
    Are you considering upload it to github?
  13. Hey China_Quern, im not recommend this because the clan system caching a lot of values
    and than all different servers won't sync. It's for server which want to use a clan system in freebuild, skypvp and more..

    I anwser that in your review ^^ If the source code is fine, i will release that on github i think.
  14. Im searching new update ideas!