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  1. I seem to have been locked out of my Multicraft account and cannot access the control panel to create a new accord and/or change the password.

    Is there a series of commands I can run via SSH to add a Multicraft username and password without logging into the control panel?

    I have a dedicated machine from OVH, and I have root access to. I'd like to simply recreate an account opposed to having to reinstall Multicraft and set it all up again including server specific files.

    Thank you,
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  2. Don't help this guy, he's a scammer (scammed me a full dedicated server set-up, including multicraft) and knows damn well why he's locked out of Multicraft.
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  3. I did not scam you of anything, you said you could perform a service you clearly could not. The deal was for $10, I paid you $5. The other $5 I did not and instead had to reinstall and configure everything I paid you to setup. If it really comes to it I can pull logs of our conversation where you are blatantly disregarding my requests and things we agreed upon, and I can pull the same logs showing statements you made regarding the setup that were incorrect and proof even in the end the server wouldn't be setup properly. And not to mention the time frame you provided for the job.

    Oppose to flaming you on Spigot and destroying your Systems Administrator thread I just went my separate ways. You've breached my system and are holding it ransom, best of luck anyone taking you seriously,
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  4. Back on topic, can anyone provide any information regarding changing Multicraft login information from SSH or Filezilla so I may take control back of my server.
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  5. You did not have to reinstall anything, as the installations I performed still exist. I took a task that was easy, the job was LAMP, Multicraft, and Xenforo, which was fairly simple.

    I did not "blatantly" disregard requests, I got to them immediately and as last logs show you were satisfied and said you were coming out of work in 2 hours, which you would pay me plus a tip of $10.

    I did not breach your system, considering that your "partner" swiftly changed the password after completion of work. You're trying to change the story, but all it's doing is getting you in a loophole.