Multicraft bug?

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by JanZgk, May 9, 2015.

  1. Hello, well I don't really know what is causing this but the green dot doesn't want to appear, but it says that the server is online, and nothing happens in the console.
  2. Aha, i know how to fix this.
    PM'd You.
  3. Mind sharing in the forums?
  4. Well theres two ways to fix this.
    Settings > Update Minecraft > Select your jar > Select 'select' and change it to Both Files > then hit Download > then hit Install

    That should update the contents, or you can go to /home/minecraft/multicraft/jars and upload your own .jar and your own .jar.conf if you do not know how to do any of these, pm me.

    NOTE: /home/minecraft/multicraft is basically whereever you have multicraft installed, its most likely here if you follow some guides but if you do it your own and stuff it could be in other places.

    @Samistine happy?
  5. It is always just loading like this, but working...
    And Console is just "frozen" whatever I type in it, it does nothing:
  6. Multicraft likes to parse out some stuff
  7. Well it isn't like that on my other Multicraft panel...
  8. Jan, whoever setup your Multicraft does NOT know how to PROPERLY set it up.
  9. I think it could be fixed through SSH.
  10. I could fix it if i had /home/minecraft/Multicraft access, but you claim it was setup by your dedi host.
    So.. you 'dont know' the login.
  11. Well I did find out :).
  12. JamesJ


    Your bug is; you're using Multicraft :)
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  13. I know you found out, but I was leaving my house to go to a movie at that time. Which I'm going to right now, so at like 5 I'll fix ok?
  14. 5 what? it is like 8.30 PM here...
  15. This is because the .jar.conf that Multicraft is using for your current jar (if exists) does not have the newer parsing set so that Multicraft cannot tell when the server is up and running.
  16. Nobody notices... That he uses Bungeecoord...

    Your server doesn't say it's online if you use Bungeecoord
  17. It does if it's set up correctly. I've set up multiple multicraft panels last week, none of them had this issue.

    It's not a very troublesome issue though? Just shows the two arrows while the server itself is working perfectly fine.
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  18. Try that, but I've seen bungeecoord servers, where it doesn't ping, but it still has a active connection, if you know what I mean.
    Like, it doesn't show the green bars, but instead, it shows a red cross, but the motd is working, and you can connect ect.
  19. If you set it up right, it'll show the green orb. How on earth do you achieve such a broken setup?
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  20. I've seen servers with like 200 players online which had the cross at the ping thing, but you still could connect ect.

    EDIT: It's removed, it now shows green "orbs", just checked.