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Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by ItsTheGuv, Jan 25, 2016.

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  1. Hey, does anyone have a tutorial on how to install Multicraft on a Ubuntu server 14.04 OS? I have tried a few tutorials and they don't seem to work.
  2. What's the error? It's on the Multicraft documentation page under installation
  3. Each time it's some new error. I have been tryinf for about 5 hours. My latest one was that it couldn't initialize the database. The 2nd time I was on the last step but it couldn't find the directory. I honestly can't remember.
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  4. You need to select the "Initialize Database" button.
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  5. Yeah it doesn't work... it just makes me press it over and over again
  6. Because you keep putting a password in. Don't do that after you click save.
  7. Getting a new error
    Authentication failed (code: incorrect authorization)"

    Why is it a pain the a** to set this fricken thing up?!
  8. Most likely doing something wrong. Personally never had an issue installing Multicraft using the installation guide.
  9. I have read and watched 5 different things. I followed them carefully and I have had someone else try and install it as well. Some new error comes about.
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    Authentication failed? Is this the daemon error? Did you set a daemon password but not set it in the daemon config? Your issues stem from incorrect installation.

    I didn't set the password in "protected/config/config.php", I couldn't find it but now I have and set the password and it works fine. Thanks for all the replies. Much appreciated.
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  12. Make sure you restrict public access to that directory in your webserver configuration if you haven't already.
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