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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Caye, Oct 17, 2021.

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  1. **Read before comment**
    Yeah, I know that i should contact multicraft and not spigot. But the last time that i get a reply they took like 10 days and I don't have enough time, probbably there are at least one user that can reply me.
    **Explanation done**

    My question is, if I buy the Dynamic license for 5 servers, will I get 5 servers + 1 free? (Because they gives to you 1 server for free on free plan)
    Or I'll get just 5 servers?
  2. You will get 5 servers.
  3. I wouldn't recommend Multicraft.
  4. Multicraft is made only for mc servers.
    **Use pterodactyl**
    No, I won't use trash
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  5. Never mentioned Pterodactyl, plenty of panels out there and don't even need one, you're already using trash *shrug*
  6. Literally the 90% of the hosts use multicraft
  7. Phoenix616

    Resource Staff

    Lots of people use Windows and eat fast food too.

    I personally had a pretty good experience using Pterodactyl for a bunch of different games (including Minecraft). Main benefit: It's open source software and not proprietary crap.
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  8. Multicraft is quite trash compared to Pterodactyl, and it's not free. Just because 90% of hosts use Multicraft does not mean in any way that it's good.
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  9. I agree with this. Loads of hosts have been moving from Multicraft to pterodactyl so they can offer more services but also cut some what costs down due to no need of any sort of licensing. Plus Pterodactyl is a bit more maintenance friendly
  10. Please just use pterodactyl. It is miles better than multicraft.

    Doesnt it already tell you something that their support took 10 days to respond?
  11. Oh my god, YES!
    This comment is just golden, because everything in it is completely true.
    I once waiting 2 weeks for a response on support, about (a now basic issue since i've gained some knowledge about running a server) and when they eventually replied, they gave me complete false information, and closed the ticket immediately after the response.

    Pterodactyl is a beautifully designed panel, and is also pretty easy to use with great documentation!
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  12. Also, hopefully OP has realized that multicraft can run other games too, even if its not intended.
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  13. Congratulations on wasting money. Your comparison also doesn't make any sense, but oh well, it's your money in the end.
  14. You should use pterodactyl if you run a minecraft network. You should use pterodactyl if yo urun a hosting company.
    Multicraft is outdated and horible, do not use it.

    What exactly is the issue with pterodactyl that you have?
  15. Apparently, it's "trash" and he doesn't like it because "Literally the 90% of the hosts use multicraft". Go figure.
  16. No that's not my mind, i'm not using multicraft only for that lol
  17. This is literally so dumb, i've using multicraft for like 2 years and i won't switch to ptero only for random people saying is just better cause they don't want to pay lol
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