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  1. Hey. I'm having issues with SSH, Multicraft, and just some problems in general. In my console I receive the error:

    Error: Unable to access jarfile /jar/spigot.jar

    I have tried ALL these commands in my terminal (I use Mac)

    chown -R mc2:mc2 /home/minecraft/multicraft/servers/server2
    chown -R minecraft:minecraft /home/minecraft/multicraft/jar/spigot.jar
    chmod 777 /home/minecraft/multicraft/servers/server2/spigot.jar

    This is just what I have picked up from researching the issue. Also, I use Debian 64-bit if that helps. My spigot.jar is in the jar folder that is under the multicraft directory. The spigot.jar is also in my /server2 directory, like it should be. I start the server, and I receive that error. Hopefully I can get this figured out soon, thanks!
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    What is the "Look for JARs in" field set to in the server advanced settings in Multicraft? Set it to "Server base directory" if it's set to anything else then place your spigot.jar in the servers main directory. @WildDev Btw set the chown to mc2:mc2 if you didn't set it back, that is correct.
  3. Ok, thanks. Everything here seemed to work, but as soon as I start up the server I receive:

    [Multicraft] Failed to adapt server configuration
    [Multicraft] Loaded config for "Default"
    [Multicraft] Starting server!
  4. EVERYTHINGS fixed. Just needed to go into my FTP, right click the spigot.jar, file permissions set to 0007, and boom.
  5. is it fixed?
  6. Do you even read .______________.
  7. Lol, yes @jesseke55. Just, when I load plugins they're having an issue starting up with the server. Apparently it cannot load the plugin, because "invalid plugin.yml", though this is permissionsex.
  8. You are sure you load permissionsex on the hub server or any other, not bungeecord, right...?
  9. Everythings has been fixed. I'm never using FileZilla again, it's disgusting.

  10. Why that?