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    I believe this is the best section for the question I am asking, but anyway...

    I am wondering what each of the specific multicraft roles do in terms of panel permissions for the player. And by this, I'm talking about the "role" options in the multicraft panel, which can be found by going to the "players" section and then selecting a player. I tried looking around for what these functions do but I found absolutely nothing helpful at all.

    The different "groups" are, in order, as follows:

    Default role
    No access

    I was just wondering what each of them do because I wanted to know if it was possible to give specific staff certain permissions, such as console only, FTP access only, both, view-only, etc. I'm going to have some time away from my server in the future, and I'll be having to put someone else in charge, so I'm just thinking about the best way to go about doing this, since I would prefer to not give 100% absolute, unrestricted access to everything.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Multicraft roles are as follows;

    1. This role gives full permissions to the control panel of the server. There cannot be more than one server owner.
    1. Start and Stop the server. (through Console section)
    2. Manage players on the server.
    3. Edit Configs with the Configuration Editor.
    4. Initiate Backups.
    5. Clear Chat and Logs.
    6. Manage Commands.
    1. Start the server. (through Console section)
    2. Use the admin say command (through Console section)
    3. Summon, Give, TP, Kick commands (through Console section)
    4. View Backups
    1. Give themselves things (through Console section)
    2. TP themselves places (through Console section)
    3. View Chat, Players, and Commands
    1. Get server and player statuses.
    2. Panel Overview.
    No Access
    1. Default role, no access.
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    Thanks! I wasn't sure if I would be getting a response for this. I appreciate it.
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    Anytime, if you have any questions; don't hesitate to send me a message. :)