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  1. So, I am trying to portforward my multicraft server, can anyone see what I have done wrong here?

    People can't connect through my ipV4,

    Set Server1.PNG tings: MulticraftSettings.PNG
  2. Your ip shouldnt be so short.
    It should be like 123.456.789.123 is a bogon or private IP address that should not appear on the Internet.
    You need to get your external IP address.
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  3. That's a non-routable private IP address.
  4. So, other people can join through my external IP, but not me?
  5. Because I tried to join through my external IP, and it didnt work.

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    You have to join via internal ip (localhost or or etc)
    Others have to join via the ip here:
    Which you tell them what yours shows, and they can join.
  7. Yis, that's what I meant..
    My IP is:
    Server port: 25466
    Then why cant other players join through
  8. Do you see the problem?
  9. Your server needs to bind to your public IPv4, not ''.
  10. If you are behind a router, you need your server to bind to your private IP, and then use your router to portforward so that players can join via your public IP.
  11. Ok, so there are two pictures in this post, what is wrong on them?

    Please correct me if I am wrong - Portforward
    Active: Yis
    Service name: Server 1
    WAN Interface: ADSL
    Wan IP:
    Trigger Start Port: 25466
    End port: 25466
    Translation start port: 25466
    Translation end port: 25466
    Server IP Address:
    Protocol: TCP/UDP

    Are there anything wrong with the multicraft set up?
  12. Is your internal ip? I thought that they were 192.168.x.x?
  13. is my ipv4 in CMD - /ipconfig is my internal
  14. So when I portforward, if I swap with will it work?
    Even though my server is
  15. How do you connect to the server?
  16. Do you use or or localhost?
  17. In server properties you should bind it to your EXTERNAL IP, the one from like ipchicken. As it can bind them internal but no one else in the world can join.
    If it's external others can bind to it and connect.
  18. When I connect to the server I use;port

    Okay, I tried that, and I got this message:
  19. Do I have to change every IP, the Multicraft deamon + all the servers to my external IP, or just the servers?
  20. Just the servers unless you give your players/friends multicraft access.