Multicraft Script for Deleting a File

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  1. I use Shared Hosting and I know that I can use Multicraft's scheduler to run a command every hour that activates a script. Making the script itself is my problem. How can I make a file /plugins/CommandSync/data.txt get deleted with a script?

    I have looked here:
    But I have not found any way to delete a file. I have also tried searching it up, but there isn't much info on Multicraft scripts, and I don't know enough about this to know good key words for my search that would get me what I want.

  2. I don't think Multicraft allows you to setup scripts, your host will have to do that.
  3. You might be right because I'm seeing stuff on that link I put up earlier, that I don't know about:

    "The built-in command "builtin:script" enables the users to run scripts you have defined for them in a special config file. By default this config file is called "scripts.conf" and expected to be in the Multicraft base directory (where the multicraft.log lies). You can change the path/name of this file in your multicraft.conf.
    The format of the file is:"

    I do not know of any multicraft.log or multicraft.conf.

    Does anyone else agree with Darthmineboy?
  4. Could get a plugin made to delete that file for you and run that in the scheduler
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  5. Hi @RW_Craft thank you for responding.

    That would also work. Can you or anyone else code a simple plugin with a command to delete a file? Command must be able to run from console.