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Why you don't try to understand or study Linux system before?

  1. I haven't so mutch time at the moment, and it will be something Impossible for me right now.

  2. I just go on by myself, I don't need to study all the functions of the OS right now.

  3. You're right, but now I just want to start. I will be doing curses in the future.

  4. I know that I should study it before doing anything, but I like so mutch to challenge my self!

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  1. Hi,
    It's about a month that I'm looking for a way to build a script that allow the players (when they're on my hosting web control panel) to show they a message that say: "This modpack require additional files. Click OK to proceed to the setup".
    Like GGservers that when you select a modpack it show a pop-up message from your browser.
    It is not so essential for my host, but it will be very gratefull for simplify the gaming of my customers.
    Unfortunately, I'm not so mutch expert on CentOS 7 OS (and it's for this reason that my friend programmed the 90% of the things. Of course, I now know the CentOS's console mutch better than before, but my knowledge is limitated).
    Anyway, it will be very helpfull because maybe a lot of customers don't know how to setup a modpack on Multicraft (and this will maybe generate a lot of useless errors).
    For what I've understood, the of Multicraft work only for the server console (or maybe not).
    So, now I'm asking to you because maybe one of you know how to build a script (like to do this.
    My friend now is very busy, and for this reason I should start to do all by myself.
    So, don't be scared to write words too mutch complicated, I can learn very fast (of course I should do a little research on the Internet, but if you explain me in less words that you can, it will be amazing).
    My suspect is that it can maybe a javascript on the webpage (but I don't think so...).
    Thank you anyway.

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