Multicraft server auto-crash

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  1. Hello, today I bought a 16gb ram vps and a multicraft license with up to 10 servers.
    I installed my multicraft without any problems, but when I tried to create the first server started the problems. I created it, everything went perfectly, but I wanted to put an backup from an my old community. I put that backup and now when I try to start the server crashes almost instantly as I try to open the server.
    The backup I was trying to load was also hosted on a multicraft control panel so that's a problem either from my root or from the multicraft I installed.
    The multicraft license that i bought is a dynamic 5euro with a maximum of 10 servers.

    Console Log:

    Hope you can help me, I have urgently need help because I don't want my server to be off for a long time, because I have to pay the vps host and I'm losing the days.
    Thanks for all your help.
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  3. Thanks it works.. :):):);)
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