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  1. I need help setting up my vps with Multicraft with 2 daemons 1 for each vps
  2. that doesnt help me with my issue i need it setup on a external daemon too
  3. Ok, what OS is it?
  4. Ubuntu 16.04
  5. Would you like me to do it for you? Or would you like me to find instructions for you?
  6. could you fine me instructions please
  7. Ok, I've read some forums and the majority have said for multiple daemons setup the main one where the panel will be hosted first, then setup the others afterwards. So if you follow that video above or read the article to start with.

    There's some detail of the install here:

    Sorry I've not been too much help. I don't want to tell you something wrong and make you go looking in the wrong section of multicraft.
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