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  1. Do i need to buy a licence to host bungeecord

    so like have a panel for each server on the same vps

    and if i do is there another alt
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  3. Never used multicraft, dont see why others do.

    Screens work just fine
  4. Hey there xxToxicGuyxx
    Nope, you don't need Multicraft.
    I advise not having Multicraft at all because it will just take up the VPS's resources such as RAM. Google some tutorials if your having trouble starting the server. Running a Spigot server and a bungeecord server should be very similar file etc. wise.
  5. You can just use SSH and SFTP to do everything
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    Some admins/staff may not know how to use screens also the owner may not want them to have the root info.
    If your server crashes and you're at school or not at home you can login with your phone to start it back up.
  8. Root info? If you want your staff to mess around in multicraft then i dont see the problem in letting them have access to a Console running a set of screens. They don't need root for that.

    If they don't know how to use, screens, look it up online. If they can start a server, they can run screens imho

    I can perfectly access my servers Console on my phone via SSH. No problem

    Im guessing they use enjin too :)
  9. but some pple need then to learn screen, tmux etc but for him/her is multicraft fine to use and easy
  10. Its two Commands and a keystroke to exit it... They can handle that kind of learning...
  11. not if he or her an kid of 5 years old is and only can use multicraft
  12. if the kid is 5 and knows how to use multicraft, give the kid medal.
    but hey, use multicraft for all i care.

    i'll hang out with this guy instead: