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  1. Hello I have a quick question in regard of my Multicraft. Does any know how to get the layout of the new multicraft? I don't know what I did to get get the one on the left. But I don't want the old one (One on the right). So can anyone help me with this problem?
  2. When you go to settings -> panel configuration, you must change this to Default.
  3. but will this mess up my servers?
  4. No, it's only the theme for the web interface. You can also change it back easily.
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    I think @runescapejon is asking about Multicraft 2.0. Currently, it's in beta and is largely untested.
  6. yea i did some researching and it turns out its was multicraft 2.0 i have it in my other panel but i dont remember what i did to to get that any idea?