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Is Multicraft worth anything?

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  1. Is Multicraft worth installing? I am not aware of any performance issues, but I want to install it, because it says you can have automatic restarts.
  2. Yes, I have automatic restarts. It's worth the money. I have it currently installed on my dedi.
  3. If you are familiar running a server through SSH (I think thats what it is called) then do it the SHH way. If not, multicraft is fine, just in some cases inefficient.

    edit; you can have automatic restart scripts with SSH
  4. Yes, however multicraft makes it simple. It's easier to use when on the go, giving access to admins, managing multiple servers quickly these are just a few features.

    I'd recommend multicraft however use the method which mostly floats your boat.
  5. Personally I'd use SSH if you are familiar with it. Multicraft can make doing certain tasks quicker and simpler, however it can be a pain in the ass sometimes.
    It's really down to personal preference though, if you're familiar with SSH, then use SSH, if not then go for Multicraft.
  6. How can I create a script that restarts a server every day at night?
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    Remote toolkit can do this, however I've seen instances where remote toolkit has caused server crashes for some reason recently.
  8. I know, that's the reason I am searching for an alternative. Even my TPS have grown ~4 after removing it.
  9. I use Multicraft, its decent however it doesn't like BungeeCord, it creates unnecessary files such as and keeps trying to do /list etc.

    As said before if you have knowledge if SSH, go with that otherwise, there is nothing wrong with Multicraft.

    PufferPanel and McMyAdmin exist too, just saying.
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