MultiInv is a Bust

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    I've loaded MultiInv into my Spigot server, and when I change worlds, my survival and creative inventories remain the same! The errors in console were thrown by changing gamemodes, and leaving the server. I will post the full latest log in a pastebin below. I've made sure I was opped, and I've removed the permission 'multiinv.exempt' from my rank and my inherited rank.

    I have attached a screenshot of my plugin list. "ServerPlus" and "Lottery" are my own WIPs and will not affect this problem (I'm pretty sure). Please help me, I think I've tried everything, but I really need this problem fixed. Multiverse-Inventories is an out-of-date disaster! :p

    Complete Server Log:
    (Sorry it's so long :p)

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  2. This is a Multiverse bug you would have to ask the people on Multiverse page for support.
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    Alright, thank you! Is there any light you can shed on this bug? Or possibly a link besides the one to the Multiverse plugin page?
  4. This isn't a bug, I've had this problem also and have fixed it.

    You just have to type /mvinv group and it'll take you through a step-by-step guide, heres more at this page:
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    I have already uninstalled Multiverse-Inventories. It is outdated, and it will be my last resort if I can't get MultiInv working. I don't need to know how to create Multiverse groups, believe me, I've done it. And it worked for a while, but not now. This is a bug.
  6. yeah I'm getting the same problem, did anyone fix it yet?
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  8. @Neo that link was great! It fixed the problems I was getting and now we're one step closer to opening it up
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    I was going to use it but then I quit my server, so I threw it here. Thanks! :D :p