Multiplayer Splitscreen?

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  1. Hello all,
    I'm new to Spigot Minecraft Server and so far have successfully run a Minecraft home server with BungeeCord, Spigot and Multiverse.

    Now I'm looking for a way or extension for the server that allows me to connect to my home server from a Playstation console with two players in splitscreen.

    Unfortunately I could not get any hits with the search yet.

    Can someone help me with this?

    Greetings from Germany, Bavaria
  2. Sounds like you're looking for Geyser + Floodgate. Geyser is a plugin you can install that lets Minecraft Bedrock players (which is what PlayStation MC is) connect to a Java edition server. Geyser on its own requires each player to sign in to a real MC Java account to play, but Floodgate allows any Bedrock player to connect with just their Xbox gamertag. You can find more info on the Geyser site.

    I don't know how splitscreen works on a Playstation but if it works in normal LAN play, it should work on Geyser as well. Since you're wanting to play on a console, you'll have to do some sort of workaround to connect it, as detailed on this page:
  3. Hello,
    thank you for the answer.

    I have already installed Geyser and Floodgate and it works great as soon as you connect with a MC Bedrock Edition from PC or PlayStation.

    But my problem concerns the splitscreen possible on PlayStation.

    Briefly explained: Player 1 starts Minecraft on the PlayStation and then enters the own home server for Minecraft.

    Player 2 now wants to join player 1's running game from the same PlayStation.

    This is possible with MC on PlayStation, when the world is running locally on the PlayStation as well as when the world is running on a Bedrock server without any problems. The splitscreen is created on the home TV.

    My question now is how do I get the same with Spigot (Java) Minecraft Server in use.

    If player 2 tries to log in and join the game player 1 is running, the splitscreen is created on the TV, but player 2 gets the message "world is loading" and it doesn't go any further.

    Is this now a feature of Spigot that this is not supported? Or are other plugins necessary for my project?

    Installed plugins in the current version are:

    Thanks for your support

    Greeting MaPa80711
  4. Ah, I see. I googled about it and it looks like there's an issue open for it on Geyser. The root of the problem seems to be a bug in the MC Bedrock client where it doesn't send proper user information for the second player to join, and no workaround has been implemented in Geyser yet. I guess it's just not something that's possible at the moment, sorry :confused:
  5. Hello,
    thanks for the answer and hint about Geyser.

    The last reply in the Geyser thread is just 6 days old.

    I think there is hope that this will be fixed. Since I am not the only one with the problem.

    Thanks for your support

    Greeting MaPa80711
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