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  1. Hello, i am looking for a bit of help trying to link multiple BungeeCord instances together (for example Mineplex shows all players in one server but they are all dispersed through multiple bungeecord instances.)
    How can this be achieved?
  2. If you want it all on the same ip, check out Round Robin DNS
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    Hello @TheDoctor

    Setups with multiple BungeeCord instances generally consists of each BungeeCord instance running on their own IP address with the same configuration. Players then connect to a domain with a "roundrobin" DNS setup, which automatically sends the player to a random BungeeCord server. This will essentially distribute all your players across all your BungeeCord instances.

    So, your BungeeCord instances aren't actually technically "linked". They're working separately, but players are being distributed between them and being sent to the same Bukkit servers.

    This does, however, cause the problem of the player count not being correct, since the player will only see the player count of the BungeeCord instance they are connected to. A BungeeCord plugin can be used to resolve this, the most popular plugin being RedisBungee, as the plugin synchronises the player counts betweens all the BungeeCord instances.
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  4. If this solution is used on a large network, does it really have any other use than it's own load balancing?