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  1. Hello,

    i will make multiple bungeecord proxy server, but he say you cant connect to a another bungee proxy server.


    MainBungee => Lobby = 2Bungee Server => More Game Server

    Can you help me ?
  2. joehot200


    Thats correct. You cant connect to another bungee using bungee.
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  3. Give a chance to make this with multiple bungee proxy server ?
  4. I don't know if this is what you mean, but I can walk you through what I THINK you mean.

    You want it set up similar to HiveMC, correct?

    Add ALL servers to the single Bungee instance.
    Get a portals plugin. On the main server only have the portals you want accessible (lets just say factions, skyblock, and the other minigames server)

    They walk into the other minigames server, and on THAT server, you have a different hub with different portals (hide and seek, oitc, blahblahblah).

    The only problem I can see is your players could be on the main hub and type /server oitc to get directly to a minigames server, but I'm sure that is easily fixable.

    If this is completely cluttered and hard to read, perhaps someone can explain what I'm trying to say a little better.
  5. i will multiple bungee proxy server. Look my server: I need multiple bungee proxy for better performance.
  6. joehot200


    So you would then link them all to 1 bungee? How in hell would that help performance anyway? o.o
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  7. You don't need multiple bungee proxies... I just explained that.

    EDIT: HiveMC seems to do exactly what I just explained except completely blocks the /server command to avoid people doing /server oitc (for example).
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    It is correct what Ron_Minemash said.
    You can easily block /server with taking away the permissions....

    I will try to explain it better.
    Use one BungeeCord Server.
    Lets say you have the following server:
    Hide and Seek
    Other Minigames

    Create a Lobby server where every new player spawns. --> put it in your bungeeconfig (default server)
    put your survival and pvp server details in your bungeeconfig.

    Lets say you have more than one minigames server.
    Create a minigameslobbyserver ---> put it in your bungeeconfig

    Now add the rest of your server (minigames, hungergames) to your bungeecord config.

    Place portals for pvp, survival and your minigameslobbyserver on your mainlobbyserver

    when someone go through the minigamesserverportal, they spawn on the minigameslobbyserver. On that you can place other portals for your other minigamesserver(hide and seek, hungergames)
    Use BungeePortals to connect them.

    i hope this is easier to understand for a german^^ (german english :( )
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  9. Oh, according to that link, it is possible, but probably only if you have some custom coded stuffs. It's not really necessary anyhow as you can do it with one instance if necessary.
  10. i9hdkill

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    as long you dont have such a high amount of players theres no need for more than one bungee proxy.
    Follow the guide from ron_minemash or mine and your are on the safe and EASY side^^

  11. Also, the bungee tutorial itself says just add extra RAM. Bungee is meant to hold hundreds, even thousands of players, so as he said, just follow our guides. Bai.

  12. Why can't minecraft be meant to hold hundreds, even thousands of players :(
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  13. I guess it technically is, isn't it? You could get an OC'd Xeon E5 processor with 64-128GB RAM and hold a thousand players. Assuming you wanted them all on 1 server.

    Not sure if that's what you meant or if I just misunderstood you [​IMG]
  14. Thats maybe with spigot but an average server >100
    You should not have to buy GOD hardware to run a decent amount of players. Very poorly coded game, I wish Jeb could give a **** about tps for once and make the server and the client multithreaded

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  15. joehot200


    Minecraft is a terribly coded game, and i wish someone cared a s**t about it instead of creating horses and carpets.
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  16. 100000000000000 Likes to you! Maybe get some more people on this and Jeb or whoever it is might get off their lazy *** and code a decently written game :D
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  17. Maybe they could port it to whatever the hell it's running on when I play it on Android. I find it funny that my cell phone can run minecraft (my cell phone being 2 years old) almost as well as a computer.
  18. Even pocket edition uses the dual core cpu on a phone (Or so I have been told)

  19. That's just derptastic.
    They show more support for a small cell phone playerbase but not their 10's of millions of PC players.