Multiple Bungeecords Load Balancer?

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    Hello Guys!
    Lately I have been having a lot of players in my network (700+ average), and I have found that only one Bungeecord Instance can't handle it all (I managed to get up to 26+ load average on one of my dedicated servers! lol: Furthermore, I have been investigating and I found that this is possible to fix by setting up multiple Bungeecord instances in multiple dedicated servers with Redis and RedisBungee. However, I have set up both the Redis Server and the second Bungeecord server at my second dedicate server but I'm stuck in finding how I can make so my IP "" redirects the players equitably to both Bungeecord instances instead of all players to my first one (As I have it right now). So my question was, if it is there a load balancer or something that let's you to do this or it's just a configuration at Redis?
    I would be extremely grateful if anyone could help me with this, as I'm really struggling and My network can't handle anymore to have just 1 Bungeecord instance.
  2. Have you thought about having a separate vps for bungee and give it around 16 gigs?
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  3. Round-Robin DNS
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    No Thanks, plus I would reach the limit one day anyway. Also, I have read it's not reccomended to have only one Bungeecord instance when having more than 500 players, that's why I'm asking how to do it :/
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    How I do that? :p
  6. I was able with cloudflare by using an srv record for minecraft and used 2 bungees: 1 on the dedi and 1 on my vps