Multiple commands that have same command but different required arguments!

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  1. Hello there! So, I am having trouble here with my skript. I want to make a team skript where there are multiple commands that have the same route command "/team", but the arguments are different. For example, "/team create" & "/team join". So, there error is that it says that a command /team is already defined in . . . So, I can't have this, and I have no clue on how to fix it xD Some help would be great! Thanks :)
  2. Code (Text):
    command /team [<text>]:
            if arg-1 is "create":
                broadcast "/team create"
            if arg-1 is "join":
                broadcast "/team join"
    Just continue what you want. And also if you want to be responded quickly for your next question, make a thread here
  3. ^^

    You have to check if arg-1 is "x", and if u want to have more arguments for other functions just check if that argument is not set :p
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  4. Ok. The thing is, if I do /team, it shows up messages like it should, but when I do /team test, it says: Usage: /team
  5. You have to have someting like: command /team [<text>] [<text>]
    and then check if one ore more arguments are/are not set
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