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  1. Hi!

    Is it possible to make the bungee server to work with different minecraft versions?
    Like, vanilla is 1.5.2 and is automatlicy is sent to server1 and for example FTB is 1.4.7 is automatlicy sent to server2.
  2. That would be amazing. I think the main difficulty is connecting to the lobby. Perhaps a way to direct someone to another server if they connect with a different version?
  3. Exactly what I was thinking. Different lobby servers for different Minecraft versions.

    I don't think that would be hard to implement.
  4. Unfortunately, its not possible as far as I know, because the minecraft client now prohibits you from connection to a server it thinks it has an incompatible of. Otherwise it would have been simple...
    The only way that *might* work as a hacky ugly way is to not send the version/send a bad version.
  5. That would be an option in the config file then. This would be awesome!
  6. The biggest problem is probably the lobby part. As long as BungeeCord could detect versions for the incoming client connections, the problem is solved. Maybe this functionality could be implemented if it's not already there? :) This of course depends on if the client sends a version to the server it's connecting to.
  7. I've had a talk recently about a different, more optimal approach. Force the client to update version, and make bungee "convert" packets from different protocol version. Then reasoning is that protocol-wise, minecraft is pretty retro-compatible. The only problem with this, I guess, is the fact that it won't work with forge easily.
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  8. I want md_5 to have a look at this thread too. Maybe he has any answers or suggestions about this?
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    Yes but you will need to have a domain + srv record for each version.
    Eg: 1.5.2.your, 1.5.1.your
    Just the way Minecraft works now
  10. I wonder if it would be possible to create a custom mod, that would send a custom packet to a custom plugin on the bungee server, for custom modpacks and such.
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    Such a useful necro...