Multiple Prefixes and Suffixes

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  1. I have recently started using PEX and was wondering, could I use PEX and a chat manager such as Chat Control to add multiple prefixes and suffixes?

    For example, upon executing a command, the player goes from-

    {Prefix} - (Name) - {Suffix} > [Message]
    {Prefix} - (Name) - {Suffix}/{Suffix} > [Message]

    So, it would look something like,
    {Owner} - (DarkCrimsonFury) - (VIP)/(Fisherman) > Hi

    I've seen this done countless times on numerous different servers but have never known how to accomplish this myself. If this isn't an actual feature included in PEX, are there any plugins that allow for this? (After some extensive research, I have not been able to find anything that has been recently updated... haha).

    Also, I had forgotten to mention this before, but I need this to be achievable through the use of a command.

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  2. you can but u got to make the suffix say both things so the suffix will be (Vip)/(Fisherman) instead of having 2 suffixes i dont think 2 suffixes will work.
  3. I have seen servers though that have multiple suffixes that seem to be added as “tags.” While the Prefix is done solely through PEX, the Suffix is perhaps controlled by an alternative plugin.

    Does anybody know of a plugin that could potentially do this (if not already possible through PEX)?
  4. deluxechat is your best option for this. Can hook into say ezranks for the rank then you could have 1 pex rank for owner and use a prefix then another pex rank for vip and use a suffix. That probably didn’t max a whole lot of sense, if decide to go with deluxe chat, you can pm me and I’ll explain better what I mean.
  5. Thank you, I will definitely keep this in mind as a good solution if nothing simpler comes up.