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  1. So I am deciding that I want to expand and add a proxy in Europe. I was wondering how to connect the proxies together so European’s can join through the European proxy for low latency. How do I do this?
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  2. I've been wondering this for awhile now.
    Like im from AUS, but my servers in US, I would like to connect to an AUS Proxy to have better connection to the main host location. Like is that even possible?
  3. Tux


    Don't even bother. At best, it's a placebo. At worst, it introduces even more latency.
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  4. How does it introduce more latency if someone is from Europe and they connect to the U.S. proxy they will have higher latency but if they connect to the European proxy it will be lower latency.
  5. Unless you have a completely separate set of Spigot servers located in Europe for the European players, there will still be latency for the EU proxy to connect to the backend US Spigot servers.
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  6. Then how can you do it where European people can play with U.S. people in a different proxy.
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  7. A proxy actually just reroute your connection, so instead of going straight to the target, it will go through the proxy than to the destination, so you wont actually reduce latency because your data still have to travel to the game server. The only thing that will change is thath your launcher will display a lower ping when using the nearest proxy because it will ping the proxy which is nearer, but it does not calculate the time your data will take to go from the proxy to the game server. So it is pretty useless unless you decide to open a new network in another country.
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  8. Mas


    You can't without introducing latency. As Tux said above, don't bother, unless you want a completely separate server for EU players.
  9. Because the servers behind the proxy are still in US. You can't just magically get rid of the fact that you have to connect to the other side of the planet.

    As Mas said, you don't. People have to connect to something in the end. If your Spigot server is in the US and your proxy is European, both EU and US players will have bad latency. You can't just get rid of the latency issue by adding just a European proxy alone. If you want lower latency, split up your network into European & American Spigot & proxy servers. You could then add two different IP addresses like Mineplex does; and, or try to use some fancy DNS geo loadbalancer to automatically redirect players to the correct server depending on their location, for example when they connect to (though I would still add eu and us subdomains to allow players to forcefully connect to something).
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