Multiple Proxy Servers?

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  1. Hey guys,

    I was wondering if it was possible to connect for example multiple bungeecord proxies on diffrent locations.
    For example:

    Proxy1: located in north america
    Proxy2: located in france

    Now, depending on the players location the player will automaticly connect through the proxy that has a better ping for the specific player. But at the end, I want that players on the proxy1 and proxy2 play together.
    I'd like to know this because this would mean that I could have lots and lots more players play on the server with a better ping.

    If you know how to do this please explain.
  2. I too would like to do this, so an answer in this thread would be appreciated!
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  3. You could have -> North America Bungee -> France Bungee -> Most popular bungee
  4. if the backend servers are located in one place, does the bungee ping matter than much?

    But thats not ideal
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  5. I want the process to be automated though. So that if players connect to they get connected to the proxy with the better connection. So a NA player would be automatically connected to the bungee and a european player to the bungee.
  6. You would need something that is at dns level.
    For the multiple proxies, get RedisBungee (you will need a Redis server)
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  7. What DNS record type would we need to use? I've heard about round robin DNS or something, but not sure what it does.
  8. Afaik that only connects you to a random ip in a list.
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  9. It's possible with the fm. and fr. and am. and nl. all those things aslong your ip is after that
  10. Hypixel use round-robin dns and it finds the nearest available bungee to join.
    Mineplex don't know/can't do this so they use: - > Round Robin of US bungees - > Round Robin of EU bungees
  11. But doesn't round robin only allow you to get a random ip, an ip from a pattern or a cycle and no if checks or stuff like this?
  12. Not quite sure if this is a lethal solution, but one of my friends is running a server with different hosting locations. He simply has a "main lobby" leading to two different lobbies (EU/US).