Multiple servers and dungeon instanciation

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by Webster_, Jan 28, 2020.

  1. Hello there !

    There is a thing I've always wondered: how would it be possible to instanciate dungeons (Say, a map made using scripted mobs, where people would be in adventure mode), so that parties could join it, make their dungeon and kill the different bosses, leave it and the server would shut down or reset or whatever.

    The advantage I saw was that all the heavy lifting of the scripted AI would only be done on this small instance with one party and a few players, so the main server with the world where people build would not be affected by this.

    How do you reckon this would be done ? Probably using Docker and an image with the map, but what about the plugins part, should the new instance hold like all the plugins of the main server ?
    What about the inventory synchronisation, wouldn't this be another hassle to do handle ?

    A lot of questions, I hope you have a few answers to satisfy my curiosity :)
  2. There are already servers that do that. I think it has about 1000 users one that checks, (I don't remember the name)
    But I think there are enough add-ons to do that in spigot, you could create the mobs with an NBT and the inventory synchronization is not sure and then the question of the location of the users would remain.
    But there must be something to synchronize inventories and location but I don't know if it is compatible with modified items