Multiple versions with ViaVersions

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I'm the owner of an upcoming network, almost fully coded by my development team and myself. I can't tell much about it at the moment. The reason why I am here is about multiple version support because I want to support 1.8-1.12, only the question is what is better to do? Run 1.12.2 spigot with ViaBackwards, ViaRewind and ViaVersions or a 1.8 server with ViaVersions. What is better for in the future and for performance, coding for the developers etc.

    Any help and suggestions are welcome.

    - Tostii
  2. 1.12 + Protocolsupport.
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  3. Better option. Just support 1.12.2. The client has this nice feature called "profiles" where they can switch their client version on the fly. Takes like 2 seconds. ;)
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