Universal Multisockets : No more Plugin Messaging Channels! 6.3

for Spigot & BungeeCord

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    [API] SocketAPI - Helpful Socket Manager for Bungee-Bukkit connection

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  2. Please show me how to send entire Objects using your API, because i did not find any code for that in your plugin :)
  3. I didn't sayed that my API provides a way to convert Objects to String, I sayed that it must be in your Java knowledges
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  4. What about directly sending the seralizable objects instead of converting them to strings first? Would be less work for the API user. :)
  5. I can make a method to serialize then put this method in the API, would you be less huffy?
  6. Do we just put any port? or a specific port?
  7. Any port opened on the machine (from 1024 to 65535)
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    SocketAPI: Release 1.1

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  9. I recently noticed that this plugin is causing very high CPU usage, but I do not entirely se why. My BungeeCord server is communicating with two Spigot servers. The CPU issue is only at the BungeeCord server. My BungeeCord host kicked me out and refunded me, that's how I noticed first time. Hmm, it's weird. I guess it must be the listener event, but I can't say I'm sure. However, every few socket messages are actually being sent, still very high CPU usage (it's pretty extreme actually).
  10. I'm fixing that, sorry
  11. My server is using 50-60% CPU usage, my BungeeCord server is using 25% and my two hubs is using 13% each. It's pretty stable at those percentages also. Because it is the middle of the night, nobody is online. When I remove the plugin from BungeeCord my CPU usage goes down to 3-7%. I am using Intel Xeon E3 1270 v2 @ 3.50GHz, so it should not use that much CPU usage. I tested this on the newest version (1.2).

    What happened to the commands? Seems to not exist.

    Btw, can you release the source code?
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  12. I think it's normal, but I'll try to improve performances and yes, I'll release the source code to GitHub soon

    And commands still works
  13. Nice... Add raw data support?