Multiverse Core alternative for 1.14?

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  1. Good evening, sir,
    I've got multiverse core in the 1.14 version.
    The problem is that this plugin creates an error message:

    [07:33:01] [Server thread/ERROR]: Chunk file at [-17, 1] is in the wrong location; relocating. (Expected [-17, 1], got [-4, 3])

    And logging in is no longer possible at some point because you freeze and the game crashes.

    At first we thought it was a chunk mistake but with Chunk Fix there was no mistake.

    Only when we removed Multiverse-Core everything was fine again. and there was no problem anymore.

    But we need a plugin to connect worlds permanently.

    We are not the only ones with the problem there are many others who also have the problem.

    Does anyone have a solution? or does a plugin know what goes in 1.14 to permanently connect worlds?

    Version: Mulitiverse-Core 3.0.0-b760 (alpha)

    You also have problems with the command /mv tp because the server crashes.

    even the newest version causes the same problems:
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  2. Poorly converted world probably.
  3. I don't think so. It's been running for 2 years. In the 1.13.2 she also runs straight with multiverse core without a problem. Only with the 1.14 there are suddenly problems in connection with Multiverse-Core.
  4. Hello

    A User have made a version for Multiverse Portals 1.14.1

    and you must update your Plugin from this page to the newest Build (exclude the Portal version)
    For the Nether i have no idea.

    For your problems with Junks, start the server in Version 1.13.2 with --forceUpgrade. Do not connect to the server. Stop it. Copy and start the server in 1.14.1 with --forceUpgrade

    For me it was the solution
  5. Use ExtraWorlds :)
    (Self-promo hehe)

    No but seriously, this is quite a good alternative if I do say so myself. It has the base functionality of Multiverse and similar features and if its just simply the commands like /mv create, /mvtp etc... then I think it will be perfect for you! :)