MultiVerse Core - Creating portals

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by MrPesee, May 23, 2015.

  1. Hello.
    Will like to create a portal with multiverse but i tried
    /mvp create worldname destination and /mvc worldname destination
    and both commands tell me that they dont exist, dont know if i am
    missing something..
  2. I just posted a thing on I need the plugin. If you can send me the file I may be able to help you out!
    This is the plugin i have, its says that if i want to add MUltiversePortals, but i dont where i can do that...
  4. You will also need Multiverse-Portals in order to follow through with your goal.. :)
  5. Can i download that plugin in spigot? I have seen it on bukkit but for version 1.7.2
  6. Use the Multiverse-Core bukkit deb page for support with Multiverse and their plugins, a friend of mine (TWSSYesterday) asked me to direct whatever I can to there.
  7. This might work
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  8. Use Multiverse-Portals or use Ancient Gates/BungeePortals (if is bungeecord server)