Spigot Multiverse-Core for 1.9 & 1.10 & 1.11 & 1.12 1.1

Multiverse-Core optimized for 1.9+

  1. what is the bugs you fixed??
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  2. console spam
  3. Wenn von dem alten Multiverse (Bukkit) auf dieses Update, behalte ich denn dann alle Welten und deren Einstellungen (Config)?
    Zudem, wenn ich auch Multiverse-Inventories, behalten die User ihre Items aus 1.8?
  4. ye
  5. Hi, I use your Multiverse-Core but my console is spam by Multiverse-Inv. I use Multiverse-Inv from here, do I need your M-I ?
  6. If you use this Multiverse, you need to use this M-I
  7. That's what I thought, thanks !
  8. Where is the source code for your fork? This is also crazy annoying to us as developers, since you're "re-releasing" our plugin with unknown items fixed (honestly, console spam is pretty non-descriptive).

    You also just copy-pasted our items as if it's abandoned, which it's not.

    I want everyone to know that this is not an official fork of MV and the MV team knows nothing about it. Use at your own risk.
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  9. read the description, its already telling that his is not mine. ive just fixed some annoying bugs i had in 1.9
  10. All of that's fine and dandy, but I consider myself a bit of a software hippy. We, the Multiverse team, a group of random people on the internet who wanted better multiworld support, have worked on this plugin for years. If you look back, it's been a wild ride. It's been great fun along the way, and honestly, I'm surprised this is the first time it's (someone re-publishing the plugin) come up.

    There are actually a lot of people who have their own fork of Multiverse that serves their own purpose (hell, even @md_5 has a fork!). If I wanted a copy of Multiverse that always named the default world "FernLand", that'd be fine, but most people wouldn't want that change. However, when someone comes up with a cool idea, or a bugfix that's generic and fits the bill, they'll open a pull-request so we share the love with all the users. This is one of the main reasons Multiverse has lived so long.

    Publishing a binary that changes an open source piece of code without sharing the source is a red flag to me (and should be to you!). In fact, I'm curious, but haven't yet had time to download your version on my linux box, because I simply don't trust it on windows. Advertising/distributing our plugin without telling us and without the source code of the modifications (while not forbidden by our license) is just, well, as I said it earlier, uncool.

    Now, software licenses are important. When Rigby and I were discussing the improper Creative Commons license, we decided to go with the FreeBSD license because we wanted Multiverse to be a resource for everyone. The previous license (while inappropriate for code) did not allow redistribution. I know licenses are a sore topic for the Bukkit/Spigot community, which is why I feel it's important not to be a dick about them, but they're also something that should be respected. In the few weeks since your reply I've even considered re-licensing MV under something more restrictive, such as LGPLv3, but that just isn't in the spirit of what we're doing here. The intent of the FreeBSD license is to be free forever with very few limitations on usage and distribution and I want Multiverse to remain that way.

    I also want it to remain the best that it can be, so I'm going to still (politely) request the modifications you've made to Multiverse with the intent that they'll be put back in the baseline if they're deemed useful. There is, of course, the possibility that they're not useful or even introduce additional bugs, but I think that users have a right to know about that too. I can't require this of course, the FreeBSD license is very clear that you're allowed to modify and redistribute our code.

    As you can tell by the commit logs, IRC logs and github issues, I poured a good portion of my life in 2012/2013 into this plugin. The other developers who commit patches, and keep things going smoothly when I or the others may not have time are amazing and I thank all of them for their dedication. All I really want is for Multiverse to remain free and open source.

    Thank you,
  11. wow. ive uploaded the source
  12. To be fair, and im saying this with
    To be fair, and im saying this with the greatest respect for your work!
    If you put the same effort in to maintaining the plugin as coming down on this guy perhaps this wouldn't have happened?
    Its not as if these errors/issue's with the multiverse plugin series are new or unknown

    Perhaps a better course would have been to PM the guy and give instructions on how to commit his changes rather than raging at him on a public board for fixing your work?
  13. Hello

    An update for other plugins Multiverse.


    it's possible ?.
    I thank you in advance.
  14. I was wondering (and sorry if I didn't see it posted else where) if there was going to be an update for 1.10? I'm currently having issues importing/deleting some worlds, not sure if it's related to update or not but didn't have any issues until now. It's a great plugin!
  15. Hi,

    I thought i did put a message here earlier, but i can't find it, must have forgotten to press the send button, allright, then we go again.
    Might it be possible that when i have Kingdoms premium running, and install Multiverse-core, that i get kicked out of my kingdom?
    By this i mean i am no longer a King nor citizen of my own created Kingdom, before i installed Multiverse!
    So that is the first question, the second is, can you do something about the fact that utilization goes up with more than 10% (server processor utilization) it jumped from under 20% to 39-42% and keeps sometimes 29% if server is abandoned...
    Is there something you can do? because i am not the only one i am asking this for, it gives a load the more worlds it has to maintain and the more lagg it produces....
    I only use 7 worlds including the three standard..

    Hope you can look at this for us...

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  16. Sorry in case this is a dumb question;

    does this works on 1.10.2 too?