multiverse-core problem

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  1. i have a menu to tp to the lobby (plugin is called: commandpanels) and the command when i click on an item in that gui is /mvtp lobby but whatever i try to do it says for the person

    Sorry you don't have permission to go to the world spawn!

    the command i did is /lp group owner permission set multiverse.teleport.self.* true

    server: 1.15 spigot server on
  2. I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to do, but to allow players to access any world, give them the permission:

    Additionally, if you're using Multiverse-Portals, to allow players to use any portal, give them the permission:
  3. You have to add %player% in the command or whatever your gui plugin uses.

    /mvtp lobby %player% or

    /mvtp %player% lobby
  4. @julien_gaming if this is your issue. It's basically what you put in your command panels, if you put to run as the player, the command you did would work if you had the correct permission. If you chose to use run from console, you need the %player% and wouldn't need to put any permissions as console automatically has all perms.
  5. so do i do /mvtp %player% lobby or /mvtp lobby in the commandpanels file
  6. Don't ask us, ask the config, did you make it to run the command as the player or as console.
  7. If your having this much trouble trying to get sent to a lobby would recommend using a Hubcore and just use commands around it then using a sign more efficient less of a headache