Spigot Multiverse-Core 4.3.0

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  1. MV supports Java 16 already, and will most likely support 1.17 at release. If there are any issues reported at the time of release, we will try our best to get them fixed quickly.
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  2. Anyone try out MV on 1.17?
  3. SlimeDog

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    Yes. Results obtained on my test server do not reflect what might occur on your test server.
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  4. Which plugins did you test? I use core and signportals, did everything seem to work? Did you have any warnings/errors in the console? What other plugins do you use?
  5. SlimeDog

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    I guess I was too subtle. I suggest that you test it on your test server.
  6. Dont work by me... :/ I hope it get an Update soon or Java 16 support.
  7. When the 1.17 version comes??

    If i run now Mulitverse on a server 1.17 it give major problems by create new worlds or exist worlds
    Wather will not float if i remove a block no mobs spawning in the dark.
  8. now it works with some errors ether
  9. The latest release should be compatible with both 1.17 and Java 16. Can anyone who is experiencing issues please be more specific?

    We have not seen any reports of issues on our Discord server, so please join and be specific in what the issue is.
  10. What is the discord link or were I can find them?
  11. Hi Uhh im having a problem with my multiverse core. I want to teleport a random player who touches in the button to another world, but the @p command doesn't work. Can u help me
  12. Sorry for the late response, it's at the bottom of the plugin's page.
  13. MultiverseTeam updated Multiverse-Core with a new update entry:

    Multiverse-Core 4.3.0

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  14. This plugin is in my assembly, the most convenient and practical plugin
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  15. Hello. I'm having a problem with my respawn settings.

    I have a world with a nether linked to it. When players die in the nether, they respawn at the overworld, but not in their home or bed. Instead they respawn at the default spawn point of the overworld.

    When they die in the nether and then respawn in the overworld, a message appears saying "You have no home bed or charged respawn anchor, or it was obstructed", but they do have a bed and home. In fact, if they die in the overworld, they respawn in their beds just fine.

    How can I change this behavior?

  16. I suggest you join the Discord server so that someone can help you out.
  17. Hi, i recently started a server and have come into a bit of a problem with mobs in worlds that are not the "world". I have a world named "towny" which is used as a towny survival world, In this world mobs will spawn as usual but will not start to burn while in the daylight. Would love to know how to fix this because my server players are really getting annoyed at this and need it fixed