Spigot Multiverse-Core 4.0.0

The original multiworld plugin for Bukkit!

  1. Also have this issue.
  2. Updating the plugin now works for me, you try the latest versión? (I dont remember if im already using a dev build or something like that)
  3. It seems I'm using the latest, built from Github.
  4. So lost and confused on this plugin now and have been for quite some time.

    No idea where to look or who to believe on where to get the latest builds. It has been so disorganized and no real updates of what is happening and where to go for official information relating to the plugin.
    Everything I can find online is related to v2.0 other then this spigot resource page, which does not have the latest build where the old v2.0 bukkit page does or at least newer then what is on spigotmc.org.

    Who ever is running or in control of this plugin PLEASE give updates on what is happening, where to get the latest/dev builds and update all information to v4.0. Then once stated to the public where to find this information, continue to keep only the places stated up to date.
    I recommend only Github for all releases so that the releases are in the same place as the source code with documentation via github wiki.
    The spigot resource page should be for updates with links directing to the releases, updates, changes, public information, documentation and contact information related to the plugin.
    This way it is FAR easier to manage, less likely of places to be forgotten and keeps the people who want to use or already use the plugin informed of everything they need to know.
    I get its lots of work but it comes with the territory of maintaining a project and providing information to the public.
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  5. Multiverse-Core's source code can be found here. It is updated. https://github.com/Multiverse/Multiverse-Core
  6. Works tho innit? There's a whole 13 commits since last Spigot release.
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