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  1. My idea is to have a hub server with the options of Factions and Survival. I don't have much money to spend, so I'm looking to use Multiverse instead of BungeeCord. Will Multiverse allow me to separate the different plugins in their respective worlds? I don't want to have to have all of the plugins connected, I'd like for Factions to have it's own plugins, and Survival having it's own, etc. Is this possible? Please help, thanks!
  2. Please someone help? :(
  3. There is a plugin called "PerWorldPlugins" that does what you're wanting.
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  4. I would not recommend that. Cause it doesnt work a fully 100%. If I where you you could just better start with 1 factions or survival server. Then grow your player count and hope they will give some donations. Then you can go look for more server's and use bungeecord.
  5. Ignore what Luukth said, the plugin functions correctly, just limit the amount of plugins you use, ect.

    If you want help with the PerWordPlugins config file, just PM me or HMU on here! :D
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  6. Awesome, thanks a bunch! :]
  7. Actually Perworldplugins does have some little bugs. So it functions well but not great. I ones made a server with hub, survival, creative plots, and faction using essentials and groupmanager in a unique way. If you need help with that you can always pm me. But I'm not saying PWP is bad. It's just not what I would use
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  8. Try considering Bungee cord though. The amount of plugins will start to create server lag.