Multiverse Inventories Last Location (Need Help ASP)

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  1. How do I disable last_location for one world! For example.. I Join My hub server then I walk throw the multiverse Portal to go to Faction. Then I'm in my base off my faction. I logout. Login again I don't spawn on the hub spawn. I spawn on the portal to go to faction.. THERE ANYWAY TO DISBALE LAST_LOCATION ON THE WORLD HUB??!!

    Sorry for my English second Language!!
  2. Please see this thread!
    Quick suggestion: Try to run the command /mvinv toggle last_location
  3. Did you read my post ?? I did that but in my hub spawn I get teleport to last postion
  4. Yes, I have read your post, and yes, I misunderstood what your problem is. Do however take a look at the thread I suggested, it discusses the same issue you are having.
  5. Thanks I give it try
  6. Tha
    That didn' work . Better of getting Hub server
  7. currently there is NO bug free Inventory-Plugin at all! Even the greatest ones have a serious bug. (more details on github, see my tickets..) And the developers of pwi and mv-inv are pretty much inactive right now.

    If anyone knows a bug free alternative or want to create one please let me know :S
  8. I know this is from two years ago. But I just had the same problem and found a fix.
    So for anyone having this issue:

    In the config file from Multiverse_Inventories you need to set

    optionals_for_ungrouped_worlds: false

    and then it works just fine.
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  9. bumping - did you figure this out I have same queries