Multiverse + multiworld.

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  1. Is it possible to have Multiverse + Multiworld on the same server?
  2. No, please don't do it! Why would you need two plugins that allow more Worlds at the same time?
  3. I just wants to use the Multiworld Space generator to create a world, then remove it, but i guess that multiverse will not manage this after.
  4. How could multiverse generate more space if it isn't Installed anymore. I suggest to completely Switch to multiverse.
  5. I'm actually using mutliverse for years, i just wonder if i could create a space world with multiworld and remove it after. The answer is no. Thanks.
  6. Multiverse is able to do that with cleanroomgenerator as a generator
    How to:
    1). Go to
    2). Download and install it on your server with Multiverse-Core
    3). Restart server
    4). Use this command to create a world:
    Code (Text):
    /mvc cleanworld -g CleanroomGenerator:.
    I use /mvc instead of /mv create for faster typing and copy the whole command and you can replace cleanworld to the world that you want.
  7. Thanks, i already know cleanroomgenerator, but it generate an empty world. The Multiworld generator create also planets and other space condition. There was the same with a Multiverse generator called: Bspace, but it was not updated:

    So i'll try with this then:
  8. I clicked on their github link from the plugin overview and I`m getting a commit to see that its benig hosted on the CI server of MD_5 so you can download the latest version here (This is a replacement/renamed version from Bspace)