Spigot Multiverse-Nether-Portals 1.13.X 0.0.4

Portals Multiverse

  1. Hi

    When i disable Bounceback, I have always the message "don't link to a portal nether"
    Could you fix the problem ?

  2. @DylanMute Still get the test message, can you upload the new version plugin? thank you!
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  3. Please :)
  4. I've just loaded this plugin onto my server and can't seem to see a way of disabling the Debug Message in a config. Is there an updated version somewhere that I can download to get rid of this at all?

    It's a fantastic plugin, would love to get rid of the Debug Message though :)
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  6. Great plugin! just downloaded it and for the most part it does what I need it to do.

    Is there anyway you could add in a player tracker so whatever world(world1, world2, world3) the player comes from when they go through the nether portal it returns them to world(world1, world2, or world3).

    world1- player gets tagged with came from world1.location when they goto the nether or the end.
    world2- player gets tagged with came from world2.location when they goto the nether or the end.
  7. I had this sa
    I had a similar issue Dragonis. I was going through World1 into World1_Nether but was unable to go back as it didn't remember where I was. What you have to do is make a link for World1_Nether to go back to World1 :)

    Hope this helps.
  8. thank you but I have an Amplified and a normal world going to 1 nether and anyone that goes through the amplified and back end up in the normal world.
  9. Have a 1.12.2 towny survival server. Once installed, I tested this plugin with new worlds and works (with nether and end). Now when playerd use either, the get teleported on top of the bedrock or in the void. For now we've removed the links, but can't work out why they wouldn't work like in the tests. (I'm on my phone, so if you need to see config or other details please say). Thanks for any advice
  10. I really enjoy this plugin, however there's an issue where mobs cannot go through the nether portals. Do you think a fix could be added? Thank you!
  11. Zaino60


    Hey, is there a way to make it so if you drop an item or any entity enters a custom-radius nether portal the item is also found on the nether too? Currently it doesn't happen that
  12. Zaino60


    @DylanMute any idea if this is possible to make?
  13. Hello I'm a friend to dylanmute, I do not think he updates this plugin because we created one for our server 1.14 ^^
  14. does it work for 1.8.8?