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Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by JinxRaider23, Aug 22, 2018.

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  1. Hi,

    So I have Multiverse Core installed on my server, but when I created my server, the world called "world" was originally created. Please look below for a screenshot of my "/mv list".

    When I try and do "/mv delete world", it comes up with this error message.

    I've tried deleting the "world" world folder from the server files and I have also tried going into the "worlds" file in the Multiverse Core Config file and when I restart, it still doesn't delete, it just creates a new normal world.

    Does anyone know the solution to this? I would much appreciate it if someone was able to help me out here xD


  2. It's probably still set as your main world name in your, change that to the name of another world.

    (havent seen this for myself, but this would make a lot of sense)
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  3. As simgar said its your main world.... "world" is auto generated by minecraft and cant be deleted unless you change the name of the world in server properties.

    If you dont want to do that, then you are stuck with "world"
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  4. Sadly it doesn't work, as soon as I change the world name, to the world I want to be set as default (the "Spawn" world), I restart the server and it changes back to the world "world" in the server properties.

    I've tried that. ^^^
  5. Is there anything else I can do?
    Maybe make the world called "Spawn" as my default world?
  6. In your what do you have for this
    level-name= ???
  7. It is set as this:
    But I have tried changing that to this:
    Because "Spawn" is my main world.

    When I restart my server, it goes back to "level-name=world".
  8. are you changing these whilst your server is running?
  9. Are you running it on multicraft? I think that has options in the main panel that override stuff
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  10. Yes, then I save and restart it.
  11. Nope, the server isn't using that. xD
  12. Does anyone know how?

    I can free up 82MB of RAM from deleting the world called "world".
    As it's not needed on the server.

    Someone please help xD
  13. You can't do that whilst your server is running.
    Its common knowledge that you need to stop your server to make any changes to the server settings, then start your server back up
  14. Still doesn't work lol but I guess I'll have to deal with it
  15. Try also removing the world from the multiverse worlds.yml in your plugins folders, then stop your server, edit, delete the world and start it back up
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  16. Ok I'll try it in a bit :)
  17. Ok, I tried doing everything you said but....
    This is what happens :/

    It resets my Hours, my Jumps, and it says I'm new to the server with a welcome message.

    Do you know how to fix it?
    I did create a backup before so I will revert for now.
  18. If your looking to remove your world you will also have to be removing this information im affraid, you can copy playerdata over to the new world however it wouldnt be ideal
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  19. Okk, I don't mind doing that actually! As the server is still in development mode :) So no proper players have joined yet.


    Is there at least a way of unloading the world?
  20. Also, I stumbled across this.

    As seen here, in the world folder called "world" (the one I want to delete to free up RAM as it's not needed), I found the "stats", "data", and "playerdata" folder. Are they the three folders that contain the player information that I need to keep?

    If so, can I just delete the region folder to free up 82 MB, and forget about the rest?

    (What importance does the region folder contain?, It only contains a load of .mca files which look pointless lol)
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