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  1. How can I make a world in multiverse that has NOTHING in it like the void where I could say build some sort sky islands?

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  2. I use VoidWorld. I would definitely recommend as there is no configuring necessary

    The command to do it (requires multiverse-core) is:
    /mv create <WorldName> normal -g VoidWorld
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  3. Hey, I have problems to make a void world with /mv create (world name) normal -g VoidWorld

    It's says, "Invaild generator! 'VoidWorld'. Aborting world creation." What can I do to fix that problem?
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  4. I got the same thing as Flygplanet
  5. FrostedSnowman

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    You need this plugin installed with Multiverse:
  6. Download this:

    Pop it in the plugins folder.

    Then to make a void world you do:

    Code (Text):
    /mv create <worldname> normal -g VoidGenerator -t FLAT
    If you want the entire world to be one biome, you can do:

    Code (Text):
    /mv create <worldname> normal -g VoidGenerator:<biome> -t FLAT
    All commands on the generators page
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  7. this command right here: /mvcreate (name) normal -g VoidGen:.

    after the ":" put a period. if you didn't notice there is one there. Thats what makes it a void world.
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