MultiVerse world overlap plugin... I know it used to exist

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  1. ...but I can't remember the name of it and I can't seem to find an alternative. This was back in the days of Beta 1.7 so, long time ago. Basically what it did was overlap worlds, so for example I had the bottom of my skylands world overlapped with the top of my main world, so one could perfectly build a ladder up to skylands, effectively doubling the world height (minus the buffer blocks). Transitioning between worlds with a shared buffer space like that was smoother than one who hasn't experienced it would imagine.

    Is anyone aware of such a thing existing nowadays? If not then it sounds like a fun project lol. For some reason I keep wanting to think it was a subset of MultiVerse, or an addon to it.
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  2. Like.. they literally got stacked on top of each other? Or did they get teleported, when they hit the top of the buildhight on the normal world?
  3. Both lol. They would teleport when they go too far up. However, ~8 layers or so were shared. So the top 8 blocks of the world and bottom 8 blocks of skyland were always the same, allowing you to build cross-world structures* and thus technically stacking the worlds even though you can only render the half you're in

    I've been thinking about how to go about this myself. I may get away with just editing a few block events. I'll mess with that this week

    * "cross-world structures" sounds cool until you realize 9 out of 10 are single-use dirt pillars people used to get up there
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    Coding that would tbh not be a problem tho... you just have to get the place and break event and set the block on the other world on the same X and Z coordinates and than calculate a littlebit to get the right Y coord. Shout be done in idk... 50 lines of code?
  5. I'm not so sure it'll be so easy. It's not just block break/place, I also need to copy chest contents in real time in case 2 players access the same chest from different worlds, rotate item frames the same way, etc. Plus probably some other interaction types I haven't thought of. I get the feeling the slightest mistake could lead to a economy-scarring dupe glitch. If I do get it working I'm gonna need to recruit some players for beta testing on a beater server lol