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  1. How i make the second world i created he's the world that people gonna spawn the first time?

    There main world when u spawn there and there another world when I want new people to spawn there I tried to delete the main world and then the second world would be the main world but it said I can't
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  2. Your English is very hard to understand but I think you are talking about another world that was created and players spawn there instead of the default world.

    If MultiVerse is not allowing you to do /mv delete <world name> then you can always go to the actual server files. Go to that world you want to delete and just delete it there. Then rename whatever world you want to "world" as that's the default name the server will look for on startup.

    Lastly, if you type /mvlist and it shows that world you manually deleted in a gray color and says "- UNLOADED" and won't let you delete it via /mv delete <world name> Then you would go to your server files again and go to /plugins/Multiverse-Core and there you will find world.yml. All you do is go to that world and delete all of its lines

    Hope this helps
  3. If you want a "first ever world", so to speak, use the correct commands to set it as such. And adjust to load it as the main world. Don't forget to /mvsetspawn at the same spot, and if you use a plugin like essentials or cmi or whatever, they might have their own commands as well to set either per group spawn points and first-join spawn points. Don't forget about those.
  4. Yeah I want the first spawn will be in the second world and if u die in different world u still gonna spawn in the second world I need specific plugin or command ?