Bungee - Proxy MultiVersion | BungeeCord 1.6 Not available

Join your BunggeCord with different 1.6 client versionĀ“s

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  2. Please github?
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  3. No offense but it doesn't look like you put much effort into this project.
    EDIT: Why are you updating the resource and not giving a description of latest changes?
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  4. Please add support for version 1.6.1
  5. This is impossible with the current BungeeCord API.
  6. at next time
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  9. I am kindly telling you to fix the typo "clinet" is "client" not "clinet" :p
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  10. ok thx
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  11. Is there any way that this plugin is going to support other versions as well?
    Like the shotbow network you can join there server with the snapshot
  12. you can do that, I tried but I couldn't figure out the snapshot protocol, I will reply when I find out.
  13. It is 127. for 13w41b
    Edit: Since 13w41b does not work with new servers, Since the network code is different, You can use 13w39b which is 80 but I couldn't get it to work...
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  14. This is not impossible but this is not very useful.
  15. Great the only issue I have encountered is that sometimes when refreshing I can't join the server because I am running the wrong version, running 1.6.4 it's a supported version, only happens once in a while and I'm running the previous build.
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