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  1. im looking for multiworld plugin, i have tried the multiverse core plugin, but with multiverse it stops any extra worlds from having any end or nether dimensions, im trying to use this to go from a queue server to a anarchy survival server, but if the nether and end portals are not gonna work i can't use the plugin, are there any better plugins i can use? because i have spent all day looking for them but the only multiworld plugin i can find is multiverse core.
  2. You should use Bungee cord to setup a queue server. Having a queue world is gonna cause issues.
  3. If you're looking for another multi world plugin, check MultiWorld. But, are you sure that portals got disabled by Multiverse-Core?
  4. yeah im sure, i could find a few post about this issue but there was never a solutions that worked, ill try multiworld out and tell you how it's going
  5. yeah, but im using multiworld plugins due to only having one server rn
  6. What's the point of having a queue world? It's going to cause more memory usage and lag
  7. it's because im hosting it on my pc rn, im still making the server, i might move it over to bungee cord and get a host for it if i do end up releasing the server, but it's kinda like a project im working on thats not ready yet
  8. If its still a work in progress why bother making a queue in the first place. Its not like there aren't enough slots for players anyways. And even if you expect the server to gain a lot of players when you do launch, a multiworld setup with queue is gonna cause problems. Get it right before you launch, not when the damage to your player base is already done.
  9. it's meant to be like a 2b2t clone type server, thats why im adding the queue, the multiworld setup is just temporary till it gets a host
  10. ... or just set it up with bungee on your PC?
  11. i would but if i try to host more than one server off a pc it will start giving me the error "failed to bind to port"
  12. You can't open 2 servers (bungeecord included) with the same port. Just change the spigot server one and add it on your bungeecord. The Bungeecord default port is 25565 too.