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    So been trying to improve performance a little so I can add 1-2 new plugins (currently 25).

    Anyways, with Survival Games plugin I have 3 worlds and 3 maps.
    After removing The End and noticing it freed up more ram I wanted to try merging my 3 maps together.

    Chunks Loaded (estimate)
    world - 2,000 average
    nether - 0-600
    end - 0-???
    sg1 - 600
    sg2 - 600
    sg3 - 600

    I always had 20 TPS with all those worlds, and a decent amount of ram left over.

    Last night I used MCEdit to get the 3 worlds/maps and place it into 1 world.
    And reconfigure the plugin again, now I am left with...

    Chunks Loaded (estimate)
    world - 2,000 average
    nether - 0-600
    sg - 900-1,000 (depending on arenas being played)
    TPS: 18, 19, 20 - It jumps every 5-10mins

    Was i wrong in thinking it would be better to have them all in one world?
    Is it cause now it has to load and unload chunks each time a game is played instead of always being loaded for the most part?

    Really could use some advice on this. :)

    PS. At work all day so I haven't experienced the tps drops first hand, but 1 of my players told me.
    The drops may have been something else, I need further testing but could use some feedback.
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  2. I would also be interested in any information regarding this. At the moment im running 30 different worlds I found that if your using multiverse disabling the keepspawninmemory helps lower the chunk usage when no ones in the worlds otherwise it sits on 600.
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    Well my test without restarting just failed, perfect timing for this dam evil plugin to act up.
    Code (Text):
    The last packet sent successfully to the server was 0 milliseconds ago. The driver has not received any packets from the server.
    2012-11-29 22:34:55 [WARNING] [SurvivalGames] Couldn't connect to MySQL database. Stopping...
    Communications link failure
    Happens once every 2 weeks...
    Can't wait for it to be updated or I find a good alternative.
  4. yup, its the survivalgames logging part creating mysql Connections that becomes idle.
    turn off the option to use sql for logging

    in survival games config:
    Code (Text):
      usesql: false
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    LiLChris Retired Moderator

    Looks like performance overall has improved, usually I only had about 500mb free now I average 1gb-1.4gb depending on a few things.
    Waiting for the weekend to truly find out when I have 50-60 players all day long.

    Still would like some feedback about it. ;)

    Yea I know, but I rather it keep the block changes in SQL then in the memory.
    If anything happens to that world(s) due to not logging I can swap it out easily with the backup folder.

    This is a temporary server till our host gets the parts for our new box.
    Hate sharing this thing and only limited to 2gb.
  6. That seems weird. Maybe allocate some more WAM.

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  7. if you don't load any chunks in worlds which have 0 players, it most likely will not affect your server performance as I'm running 50 worlds on 2.5gb ram and things are ok
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