Spigot Murder Mystery [1.12-1.16] 1.6.1

[MINIGAME] Addictive Gameplay | MySQL/YAML | BungeeCord/Multi Arena | Placeholders | Many Languages

  1. Geht auch Bungeecord?

  2. I use the Bungee Cord mode, and I don't see Action-Bar information that shows the probability of a character while waiting for the game; and I don't know how to change the status of MOTD in the bungeecord mode; and I find that the murderer will get the tracker at the beginning of the game. I hope you can tell me how it works!
    Using paperspigot 1.11.2
  3. How can i do for hide player name?
  4. via external plugin
  5. What are the plugin source dependencies?
  6. Good plugin ive tried it easy to setup but one big problem whoever join the game played the game at the ending all player lose their exp gone to 0.. Why.. Is any confiq i need.to.change cause i cant find any config related to that
  7. Hello, where I can create issue about problem/bug?
  8. we have a ticket system at our Discord server
  9. Hello, please help me! I can't start plugin ;(. Please give me any plugin of plugin murder mystery.
    Sorry, I speak english bad. But I in Viet Nam.
  10. Hi, could we please get a config for how many gold ingot you need to get the bow? :)
  11. The link on this plugin page is not working.

    I keep getting this error at startup with no explanation:
    [23:55:58] [Server thread/ERROR]: Could not load 'plugins/murdermystery-1.3.1.jar' in folder 'plugins'
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  12. Hello! I like your complement
    I have a problem that I don't know may be the cause. When a user dies and enters viewer mode, other users can see it when in theory that user will have to go unnoticed. Why is this happening? Is there any solution?.